11 Houston Communities ranked on 50 Top-Selling US Master Planned Communities for 2011

A recent survey released by John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s ranked the top-selling 50 US Master Planned Communities(MPC) for 2011. In that list, 11 communities in and around Houston were listed especially 2 communities The Woodlands & Cinco Ranch were listed as amont top 5 MPC’s.

Master Planned Communities are large-scale developments that can include a wide array of real estate product, multiple builders, diverse amenities and non-residential uses (schools, commercial, etc.). The MPC concept is designed to appeal to a wide array of buyers by creating a superior “place” with segmented product types that share a common design and marketing theme

Here is the Houston Communities list,

Ranks Communities
2 The Woodlands
3 Cinco Ranch
10 Telfair
13 Bridgeland
15 Riverstone
17 Shadow Creek Ranch
18 Sienna Plantation
28 Cross Creek Ranch
33 Westheimer Lakes
36 Summerwood
37 Firethrone

For a full detail list of all communities, click here.

This is the second year for John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s ranking of top-selling U.S. master plans. They collected sales numbers from 136 MPCs in all areas of the U.S., representing nearly 24,000 new home sales during 2011, or nearly 8% of the estimated 300,000 new U.S. home sales in 2011. John Burns Real Estate Consulting team has been active across the nation in the past 12 months analyzing these communities and their competition, as well as housing and economic conditions in their various MSA’s in order to understand why some projects have been successful and why some have not been able to generate their fair share of sales.

The rankings shows the current market trend in U.S. and particularly around Houston area and how the new home sales have picked up in 2011 compared to previous years. With a reasonably minimal unemployment rate, 2012 new home sales going to continue to climb up as per many Realtors and analyst predicts in Houston and also around Texas. Buyers, try to be aware of this market condition and work with a Realtor who knows the current deals and discounts offered by Builders so you won’t miss out on getting good deal on your new home.

If you are interested in buying houses in these communities or around Houston, I would be happy to help out and also offer a decent rebate towards your closing. Many Realtors don’t mention about BTSA(Bonus to Seller Agent) which is paid by many Builders in these community which is an added commission to them. I am upfront about it and depending on the BTSA and help needed by buyers, I give back/rebate towards closing almost 3% which no other Realtors do in Houston area. Don’t hesitate to contact or chat with me using the online chat below.

Thanks to John Burns Real Estate Consulting group and check out their full report at Realestateconsulting.com for this detail survey.

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