7 Must-to-have Smartphone Apps to help Home Buyers…

I been asked many times by clients to share few good smartphone apps to help them on their home search. So I decided to dedicate this post to talk about tech stuff for a change. I will discuss 7 must to have apps in particular which I have used in the past and continue to use it everyday while I am on road with clients.

First and foremost, these apps can be used in all markets unless I mention them specific to certain market.

This one is first on my list. Zillow, it gives all sorts of feature like zipcode, address level search and spits out information about current listings, past information, tax value, sales in that area and much more. It also gives rough estimation of the current value of the house called ZEstimate. Many people use Zestimate to come up with their offer price but I wouldn’t recommend. Zestimate shouldn’t be used a comp since it uses numbers which are not standardized to come up with the figure. You can see this post I wrote few months ago about Zestimate. It should be used in conjunction with Sales comps from REALTOR to come up with an offer price. If you are in Houston market, I would encourage using Har.com App which has most up to-date information about the local listings.

I love this app because it helps me a lot when I go to show multiple properties to a client. I don’t use GPS which sometimes is outdated so I use this app to guide me anywhere I want to go. I can add any number of locations from start to finish and get a route map loaded before heading out. It is almost 100% accurate and never missed once for me. If you are planning to visit multiple open houses or check out multiple address, I would strongly recommend it.

While on the road alone or with a realtor, you surely want to take some notes about the house you are looking. Because you won’t remember what you saw and what are good and bad about a house after checking out multiple houses in a crushed 2-3 hour time period. For that reason, Evernotes can come handy for you. If you have IPad, they have IPad version as well which will work better than smartphone to take notes and snap pictures along with it.

This app helps to get more insight about the property, its value and their surroundings. Zillow does helps to shed light on this info but I like this app because it gives different pricing levels and also shows the property sold close to that house which should give some perspective about the location and neighborhood.

This apps is a cool app which lets you to build the floor plan of a house. If you really like the house and want to remember them for future decision making, photos helps but having a floor plan surely can be a time saver. You can use this app to create the floor plan by pointing to the corners and making few clicks. It puts all together and comes up with a floor plan instantaneously.

If you already have a QR Code reader, don’t about this one. If you don’t have one, this one is an easy pick, finds the relevant link faster and keeps track of the history as well. It will come for help to scan the QR code of a listing when you are out looking or get more information about the property from the QR code on the flyer.

Just light
Last but not least this app will come in handy to guide you in dark. Most foreclosure homes don’t have lights turned on so it is advisable to carry a flash light with you. If you happen to forget one, this app on a click uses your camera flash as your temporary flash light. Its bright and saved me many times.

These are few of hundreds of apps available out there which we help you and make your life bit easier when you are trying to find your dream home.

Happy Searching!!

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I am a Proud Realtor of Texas, trying to guide and help clients to find their dream home and educate them to buy them for right price. I am also a Candidate for CFP who has more financial knowledge which allows me share and educate clients in any financial decision making process.

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