Texas ranks No.2 among Top 10 States for Technology

In July 2012, we were shared with the happy news that Texas Tops as No.1 on the list on Top 10 States for Business. Now this news about Texas going to Top 2 spot on technology surpassing California which used to be breeding ground for any start ups is really another big milestone.

Texas ranked 4th position in both years 2010 and 2011 and now stepping up a notch to get to Top 2 position as Newyork getting to No.1 knocking off California to 3rd position as per CNBC.

How Texas made it?
An influx in medical research funding and an increase in high-tech businesses helped boost the Lone Star State to the number two spot this year. Texas, home to companies including Dell, Texas Instruments and AT&T, came in second though behind California as the most-connected state and the number of awarded patents. The state’s capital, Austin, has also gained traction as one of the start-up hubs of the nation.

What are the criteria’s?
An environment for innovation is crucial to becoming a top state for business but the right technological infrastructure must also be in place to support and attract businesses. As part of our annual study, America’s Top States for Business, we grade states on several criteria in this important category of Technology & Innovation.

States were evaluated on their support for innovation, the number of patents that were issued to their residents, deployment of broadband services and the number of high-tech businesses that were formed.

Also considered was how much each state received in federal health and science research grants, which tend to spawn private-sector applications.

All of the states ranked in the top ten in 2012 are at the cutting edge of ingenuity and the road to a more connected, yet wireless, world.

It is always good to hear our state in the news which is reassuring that its heading the right path which is good for the residents to grow and contribute to the growth of the state overall. It is going to help real estate as well by bringing more jobs and more people to our state. To see the full list of other top states, click here.

Source: CNBC

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