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As a Realtor I interact with all type of builders whoever my clients are interested to buy their dream house and put their money for investment. I help them share whatever I know about that builder. At the same time, I have my set of pros and cons about builders which I collected from my previous transactions and checking with my past clients about their experience. I also have priority list of builders which I usually share with my clients for them to consider before they start checking all out.

Sometimes I post blog about these experiences but I always felt there should be one common place where I can put all this information about builders to help any buyers not just my clients. While I was having this thought, many of my clients also research online and raised concern about not finding lot of information about builders from other buyers over the internet. It triggered to me why don’t I create a common platform to help consumers to share about builders and learn from each other. That’s how the new Builder Reviews Forum was born.

Check out the new Home Builder Reviews Forum website and share your comments and feedback. You can also participate in the discussions if you are buyer or homeowner to help others. Users can raise issues, concerns, give feedback and ratings about a builder. Users can ask questions about builders and may be learn about certain community etc., Let’s build this forum together to help each other.

About Vijaianand Thirnageswaram

I am a Proud Realtor of Texas, trying to guide and help clients to find their dream home and educate them to buy them for right price. I am also a Candidate for CFP who has more financial knowledge which allows me share and educate clients in any financial decision making process.

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  1. Robbie says:

    I know all about builders! And just like any other industry, each company is hit and miss. Some pay their bills on time, some pay their bills when they feel like it, and others reopen under different names and pay no one! The quality of their homes differs too… Some use top of the line materials and others use Chinese drywall! 🙂 I’ll have to take a moment to check out your reviews forum. I have a feeling I won’t be too surprised when reading about certain builders, whether good or bad!!

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